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Putting the new TES (Thermal Energy System) to work

The Glens Falls Post Star reported that the fire occurred at 1:20 pm. Allpro had a representative onsite by 2:30 pm to assess the damage. At 5:00 pm Allpro had a full working crew at the home to board up the roof, extract water, and secure the site. Allpro installed a TES (Thermal Energy System) […]

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Odorox Air Technologies

Allpro is one of the first companies in New York to have this new technology! Does kill air-borne bacteria, viruses and fungus spores Does kill mold and mildew Does Eliminate Smoke Smell in structures and contents Does Eliminate pet odor Does neutralize hazardous gasses such as H2S Does convert odors (volatile organic compounds) into harmless […]

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