This section will allow you to understand the restoration process. Certain procedures are followed to make sure the project is completed with minimal interruption for the homeowner or business.

What are emergency services?
Emergency services are those repairs authorized by your insurance carrier immediately following a loss to prevent further damage from occurring to your home and furnishings. Allpro Restoration offers Emergency Services 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

What does pack out/pack in mean?
This procedure occurs only when there is severe damage to your home or business. This requires a transport of contents to our climate controlled warehouse for cleaning, deodorizing and long-term storage while the home or business is being restored. (Pack out) Once the project is complete, all of the contents will be transported back to the property. (Pack In)

Will I be given a price estimate?
After the emergency services are completed (if necessary), an Allpro estimator will prepare a detailed line item Xactimate estimate for the customer and the insurance carrier outlining necessary repairs. After we obtain approval from the customer and the insurance carrier, the repair process can begin. Occasionally hidden damage may be found, if so, the customer and insurance carrier are notified about the supplemental repairs. Once approved by the carrier, the repair process continues.

What’s involved in the repair process?
After approval is obtained by the carrier and customer, the estimator will assign the information to the Allpro Project Manager who will organize the repair process from start to finish. The manager will assist in material choices and is responsible for all aspects of the job’s production.

What are the cost allowances & material choices?
The project manager will provide the customer with a list of cost allowances allocated to replace damaged materials. The cost will be sufficient to purchase and install the materials that are equivalent to the style and quality of those items damaged.  However, upgrades are permitted but the difference in the cost will be the responsibility of the customer.  If the customer prefers to use a different distributor, this can be arranged with the manager ahead of time to allow sufficient delivery time of materials to avoid scheduling delays.

Can I make changes to the order?
Should the customer wish to upgrade material selections or have additional improvements made that are not part of the insurance claim, the project manager can quote the additional costs involved by issuing a change order. We encourage these changes in the early stages of the repair process to minimize unnecessary delays to the project.

Will I be given a completion date?
Due to the complexity of restoration repairs, we will give an approximate completion date. We strive to coordinate scheduling, order materials ahead of time and make every effort to control the repair process efficiently. We offer the same courtesy to new customers as we extend to current customers and scheduling changes do occur from time to time and request and appreciate the patience of our current customers.

What are the payment arrangements?
The insurance carrier will provide the customer an insurance draft for payment of the repairs. Depending on the size of the project, this payment can be made with installments during the course of the process. The Estimator or project manager will discuss these arrangements prior to the beginning of the repair process. The payments issued by the carrier may also include lending institutions.  Allpro will be happy to handle this part of the endorsement stage which can be a lengthy process.

How are the deductibles handled?
The customer is responsible for any insurance deductibles related to your policy. This payment is due the day the repairs are completed.  Allpro Restoration accepts personal checks, Visa and Master Card for deductibles.

Do you have any customer references?
Allpro Restoration will be happy to provide a list of previous customer references if requested.  Please contact our office at:

518-793-5311 (NY) or 800-287-4267 (NY) 24 Hours 7 Days..

New Hampshire and parts of Massachusetts

1-888-747-2906 (NH) 24 Hours 7 Days.

We are fully insured and offer a written one-year limited warranty on the repairs preformed by Allpro.


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