How to hire a Janitorial company

Hire a Janitorial company

You’ve decided it’s time to hire a Janitorial company to service your busy, growing business. How do you know where to start in sourcing and hiring a professional Janitorial company? No worries! We have compiled the top 7 tips to help you.

  1. Search for a janitorial service near you. It’s important that the janitorial service company be local.
  2. Search for reviews, look for a Janitorial company with a high rating on Google. Be weary of a business with no Google reviews or very little. This could indicate they are just starting out or are a very small company.
  3. Ask the Janitorial company what accounts in your area they service. Ask for a couple referrals from accounts that they provide service to. Referrals will go a long way in making the right choice on what Janitorial company to hire.
  4. Inquire if the Janitorial company provides background checks for their cleaning technicians. These cleaning technicians will be in your account (typically after hours) and you need a company that properly looks into the employees they hire so you can feel confident trusting them in your business.
  5. Ask what type of managerial supervision the Janitorial company will be providing to your account.
  6. Find out if the Janitorial company provides weekly inspections ECT. For the service they are providing.
  7. Lastly make sure the Janitorial company that you hire provides all of the necessary insurance so you don’t have to worry about any liability issues. Here is a link giving the risks of hiring an uninsured contractor.,injury%20to%20you%20or%20others.

With these 7 tips you should be well on you way to hiring the best Janitorial company in your area!