Odor Remediation.

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Allpro responded to a home in Plattsburgh, NY for smoke damage caused by a small fire. Though the small fire was quickly defused, the smoke odor permeated the home and all its contents. We appreciate feedback and always welcome it. It is a part of our success.  A letter of thanks from the homeowner.

Dear Jim Palmieri,

I want to take a moment of my time to recognize the level of professionalism and dedication that your business and two of your employees specifically provided me while cleaning my home after a small house fire.

On December 3rd while returning from Afghanistan, I received a call from my wife to inform me that there had been a fire in our home. Upon returning to my residence, I noted a small burn in our hardwood floor and significant smoke damage throughout my home. I called a company in my local area but they were not available, which brought me to calling Allpro. I received an immediate response, detailed information on the process, and withing hours someone had arrived to install equipment to lessen the odor. On the fallowing Monday the cleaning crew (Everett and Ken) arrived to begin the job.

Throughout the entire process, Everett was beyond any expectation that I could have had. His meticulous attention to detail and devotion to the process were evident in ever surface that he touched. He ensured that every corner of the house was cleaned and was very cautious when handling items that were of high-value or breakable, along with maintaining this level of gentleness with all of my belongings. Everett brought a plethora of knowledge to the table, answering questions that I had throughout this job along with being sure to approach me on any aspect of my home he needed to. We worked together to ensure that an itemized list of discarded contents was provided and he took the time to walk through my home with me each step of the way. Everett is a true asset to your organization, with his great knowledge of many processes in home restoration and high level of professionalism/courtesy he presents to the customer.

Ken proved himself as a member of your organization through his hard work and professionalism. He took on any and all tasks that were put before him, paying a great amount of detail to every aspect of the cleaning process. When questions arose, he was quick to ask Everett and get the right answers, showing that he wanted to not only learn but ensure the job was done right the first time. His outside knowledge of many other fields was a sure factor in the level of detail and courtesy he was able to provide. He was also a key player when it came to information about this process. Ken was sure to get into every nook and cranny when working on a job and did not stop until it met expectations that Everett had taught him, which in turn exceeded what I had expected from when this all began. He is a very knowledgeable employee with high potential for growth within your organization.

Mr.Palmieri, thank you once again for your services. Allpro has gone above and beyond what I thought would go on, and I cannot thank you enough.  I would also like to again thank  Everett and Ken for all that they have done, I hope you are able to share this letter with them, and can only close with my highest recommendations for any homeowner that experiences a tragedy to utilize the services of these two fine men along with all of the Allpro staff!

Justin P. Wilson