Odorox Air Technologies

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Allpro is one of the first companies in New York to have this new technology!


  • Does kill air-borne bacteria, viruses and fungus spores
  • Does kill mold and mildew
  • Does Eliminate Smoke Smell in structures and contents
  • Does Eliminate pet odor
  • Does neutralize hazardous gasses such as H2S
  • Does convert odors (volatile organic compounds) into harmless by-products
  • Does clean every surface and crevasse in a structure naturally
  • Does penetrate into and through hockey/football equipment, cushions, carpet and other difficult materials eliminating smell and bacteria. If your life has been turned upside down by a fire, water, smoke or any odor causing problem we can help.


Unlike ozone, foggers & harsh chemicals, the ODOROX HYDROXLY GENERATORS are  completely safe for people, pets, plants, rubbers, plastics & other organic materials.

Call us now at (518) 793-5311 (NY) or 1-800-287-4267 (NY) to find out how Allpro can help you remove smells.

New Hampshire and parts of Massachusetts Contact 1-888-747-2906 (NH)