Our Expert Crew

Steve Noftle / President & Owner    

Steve brings 20 years of knowledge and skill to his team at Allpro and is a veritable gold mine of experience in all things related to Restoration.  His impressive track record of success and leadership in the industry is a direct result of his customer service philosophy and genuine love of working with people.

He jumps at the opportunity to help people in challenging life situations.

Steve is the vision behind Allpro, his unwavering work ethic has created the most innovative, high quality Restoration Company.

Outside the office Steve loves spending time with his family, coaching, biking and time with his dogs.  Steve has a great sense of humor and keeps his family laughing.

  • Certified Water Restoration Technician
  • Certified Applied Structural Drying
  • Certified Fire & Smoke Restorer
  • Certified Carpet Cleaner
  • IICRC Certified Firm
  • Lead Safe Certified Firm
  • Mold Certified Contractor
  • Trained in Asbestos and Lead Awareness
  • Trained in TES Operation (Thermal Energy System – advanced drying with heat)
  • Trained in Xactimate
  • Certified in First Aid, CPR, Concussion Awareness
  • NYS Certified Volunteer Cross Country & Track Coach, South High School
  • Elder at his church, Pine Knolls Alliance, South Glens Falls
  • Actively involved with the Ugandan Water Project
  • Financial Peace Instructor
  • Partner with Salvation Army of Saratoga – pro bono monthly service
  • Partner with Red Cross – pro bono services and blood drive location
  • BSW – Bachelor of Social Work with minor in Psychology.


Jim Palmieri / General Manager

Jim possesses a strong understanding of water mitigation and fire damage terminology and practices. He is responsible for overseeing all administrative functions of the Fire and Water Restoration Department. Jim effectively leads and directs employees ensuring that all processes and practices are working in a proper manner.

He delegates administrative tasks ensuring efficiency, proper procedure, implementation of policies and employee morale. Jim is responsible for the oversight and management of all restoration jobs estimating the loss of the entire project; managing the project schedule throughout the project lifecycle; and securing any unique materials, permits and/or equipment required to complete the project.

Jim has a heart for putting his hands to work.  His expertise in restoration and mold mitigation gives his customers and Allpro a distinct advantage. His certifications are instrumental in assisting him in managing hundreds of projects.  Jim enjoys learning new skills and is always looking for the next challenge.

  • Certified Water Restoration Technician
  • Certified Fire Smoke Restoration Technology
  • Certified Applied Microbial Restoration Technology
  • Certified Mold Inspector, Contractor and Remediator
  • Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician
  • Certified Lead Renovator
  • Trained in Asbestos and Lead Awareness
  • Trained Odor Control Technician
  • Trained in Xactimate
  • Trained in TES Operation (Thermal Energy System advanced drying with heat)
  • Proficient in writing estimates and entering into Xactimate and Exceptional knowledge of estimating programs

Jim enjoys cooking, sports and traveling…his favorite place to travel is around New England.  He is a huge Red Sox fan and has two cats; Steve and Pope John Paul.

Eric Royer / Janitorial Cleaning Services

Eric joined the Allpro Team in February of 2013 as a Fire Mitigation Specialist. Eric brings his expert knowledge of content valuation. Eric is also a jack of all trades and enjoys helping to grow his category and provide excellent customer service.

He ensures each employee is equipped with every tool necessary for their success and for the benefit of his customers.  Eric is adept at ordering supplies, record keeping, developing and implementing methods and procedures and has a “do whatever is needed to get the job done attitude.”  His customer service is outstanding and he is a huge asset to our organization..

Eric cultivates strong working relationships with co-workers, customers and adjusters to attain the highest level of customer service.

Outside of the office you’ll probably find Eric playing guitar, golfing, or enjoying baseball with his kids. When it’s lunch time his first choice would be New Way Lunch.

  • Certified Water Restoration Technician
  • Certified Mold Inspector, Contractor and Remediator
  • Training in TES Operation (Thermal Energy System advanced drying with heat)
  • Trained in content pack in and pack out
  • Trained Odor Control Technician
  • Trained in writing estimates and using Xactimate Software
  • Trained in photo documentation
  • Available 24/7 for emergency service


Josh Noftle /  Manager

Josh has a strong background of experience in the Construction field. He brings a professionalism and results-driven approach to his work. Josh oversees and directs all aspects of the operation and is part of the process from beginning to end.

He works closely with the Project Supervisor and Coordinator determining timetables, material and labor costs, developing strategies, negotiating claims and scheduling workers on site.

Josh possesses good writing and speaking skills and is responsible for contract creation, developing company goals and strategies, maintaining personal networks and exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

Josh makes sure deadlines are completed with excellence, on time and sees that the project is moving forward smoothly.

Outside of Allpro he enjoys football, hiking and camping and spending time with friends and family and once and a while playing a good game of Texas Hold’em.

  • Certified Water Restoration Technician
  • Certified Applied Structural Drying
  • Certified Lead Renovator
  • Trained in Asbestos and Lead awareness
  • Training in TES Operation (Thermal Energy System/advanced drying with heat)
  • Exceptional knowledge of Xactimate Software
  • 9 years Construction Experience
  • Studied Business at Plattsburg University



Ben Noftle / Construction Manager

Ben Brings invaluable expertise to the construction team.  His attention to his crew and his hands on approach to management keep the department running smoothly.

Ben manages sub-contractors in selection, recruiting, evaluating and monitoring performance. He establishes excellent rapport and communication with customers.

Ben ensures crews complete projects in a timely manner by implementing efficient production and productivity.  He insists on quality workmanship and is adept at resolving problems and identifying construction system improvements.

In his free time Ben likes working out, camping, riding motorcycles and anything to do with his favorite team, the Boston Celtics.  Ben loves spending time with friends and family and his loyal dog, Diamond.

  • Certified by the American Institute of Architects for Roofing
  • Certified Water Technician
  • Trained in Xactimate
  • Trained in Asbestos and Lead Awareness
  • Training in TES Operation (Thermal Energy System advanced drying with heat)
  • Trained in supervision and management production
  • 8 years Construction Experience



Maria Murphy / Office Manager

Maria uses her skill and expertise to run an innovative well-structured office. Her administrative abilities and friendly personality make her perfect for the job.

Maria is the lynchpin of our office, the glue that binds everyone together and the first person staff approaches when there’s a problem, which can range from the serious to just needing a stapler.

She is well rounded and an expert multi-tasker supervising and organizing administrative activities such as; developing and managing all filing systems, record keeping and reconciling receipts, implementing systems for accounts payable and receivable and supporting and organizing Social Media and Web Site statuses.

Maria is a Notary Public and implements and directs a variety of IT-related tasks as well as being proficient in using a range of office software.

Outside of the office Maria enjoys spending time with family, camping, riding motorcycle and kayaking. She loves to eat at her sons restaurant Craft On 9 and is an avid Photographer.