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Property Damage Restoration

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We’ll get there fast – generally in under two hours – and do the job right. Click here to see our gallery of Before & After pictures.

Water Damage

If you have a flood from exterior ground water intrusion, an interior pipe break, roof leak, washing machine fitting issue, or a water heater leak – call the Pro’s at Allpro Restoration. Our motto is “We’re With You All The Way Through!” (more…)

Mold Damage

AllPro is a full service MOLD abatement NYS certified contractor ready to address your large or small mold remediation project.  Our trained NYS certified technicians will provide satisfaction guaranteed results at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on resolving your mold and indoor air quality concerns quickly, professionally and economically.  We remediate it quickly and safely, and implement ways to prevent its return. We recognize the importance of proper containment for the safety of all occupants. Our prices are very competitive. We provide a free transferable warrantee. We work with hundreds of realtors and home inspectors. We are a NYS certified mold contractor and all of our techs are certified remediators. We would be happy to explain our process and how assessors are part of this process as well.

Trauma Scene Clean Up

 AllPro provides competent, confidential, professional trauma scene services. Our caring technicians have received numerous commendations and praise for their care and respect at this sensitive time.  We specialize in crime and trauma scenes from unattended death, homicide, suicide, personal accidents and accidents in the workplace. AllPro is highly sensitive in this difficult time and our trained professional team will give the highest standard of quality service with respect and dignity for your loved one. Our team works as discretely as possible to maintain confidentiality.

  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Trauma Scene Cleanup
  • Suicide / Attempts
  • Unattended Death
  • Blood and Fluid Cleanup.
  • Robbery Cleanup
  • Vehicle Cleanup
  • Luminal removal
  • Deodorization
  • Sanitation
  • Content and property protocols
  • Insurance / third party billing
  • 24 Rapid Response

We are fully insured and bonded. AllPro complies with federal OSHA, state and local regulations pertaining to trauma scene waste handling, disinfection, waste abatement, and disposal.

Board Up

If you have experienced a disaster and have a security risk as a result call AllPro. We’re prepared 24/7 to respond to your emergency. If your home or business has extensive damage, emergency crews may have needed to break windows or doors to get to the source. A big first step in the restoration process is to keep your property protected while it is still vulnerable. We have the labor, materials, and tools to do the job right.

Storm Damage

Wind damage is one of the most common insurance losses. AllPro is prepared to remove water, dry contents, and property, remove broken glass / damaged structural material, provide temporary safety, and perform full reconstruction including roof repair.

Fire/Smoke Damage

Few events in life are as traumatic as a fire. We’ll help you recover as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer full mitigation services as well as complete construction services. One call does it all. (more…)

Furnace Puffback

When a FURNACE PUFFBACK damage occurs it often doesn’t seem that bad until a couple days have passed and the pervasiveness becomes overwhelming. Give AllPro a call. Soot needs to be removed with the proper techniques to prevent permanent damage and streaking. Puffbacks are generally a covered claim.


At AllPro we recognize demolition & disposal of damaged property is sometimes necessary.  We also understand the loss of your personal contents can be even more traumatic than the loss of drywall, carpet and other such types of property.  Our technicians are not only trained in proper techniques but have gone through sensitivity training as we help you determine what is salvageable and what is not. We get it – what appears to one persons junk might be another’s most valued possession.  With experience and training in demolition, let the experts safely remove debris from your home.

Odor Removal

AllPro is considered by regional adjusters to be the leading expert in odor mitigation. Recently, AllPro provided an adjuster seminar on the topic “STRATEGIES IN ODOR RESTORATION TECHNIQUES”. All participating adjusters were awarded a certificate upon course completion. (See our success stories for more information) Some of our specialty equipment include hydroxyl generators, ozone, air filtration devices, Vaportek equipment, soda blaster, thermal fogger, and air scrubbers. AllPro also utilizes numerous quality odor eliminating products.

Pack In/Out

AllPro offers both full and partial Pack In / Pack Out services for your home or business. All contents are carefully packed with bubble wrap, paper packing material, cardboard inserts, various packing materials and labeled boxes. We work with you and your adjuster to determine climate-controlled storage or onsite or offsite pod storage.  This process includes the transport of contents to the storage unit for drying, cleaning and deodorizing while the home or business is being restored. (Pack out) Once the project is complete, all of the contents will be transported back to the property. (Pack In)

Duct Cleaning

According to the AMA (American Medical Association), “50% of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air.”  The ductwork in your home or business may contain bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, pet dander, dust mites, construction debris and other pollutants.  AllPro uses a state-of the-art camera system as well as a powerful vacuum truck mount that utilizes negative air pressure to vacuum out and remove the impurities and dispose of them in the truck mount outside of your home.  Did you know that many home builders do not seal off the duct system operate the furnace or air conditioning system during construction?  Few contractors actually seal off the duct system.

Carpet Cleaning

AllPro utilizes powerful Butler Truck-mounted steam clean extraction. We provide pre-clean Extreme Clean heated at 210 degree Fahrenheit pre-spray, pet odor ultra violet light detection, full Teflon stain guard with Scotchgard protection, static protection, deodorizing, anti-microbial applications, and a full line of spot removal treatment products.  Our IICRC certified technicians will offer pre-vacuuming if your carpet has not been vacuumed in the last 24 hours. Our uniformed technicians will explain the procedures, measure all carpet to be cleaned, inform you of the price before they start, and offer you a Customer Survey to evaluate our performance should you wish to.


AllPro offers flexible, price-competitive commercial janitorial services. We currently clean doctor’s offices, clinics, warehouses, professional offices, restaurants, paper mills, libraries, and secured government facilities. We also provide full supporting services for all your facility janitorial needs: carpet cleaning, stripping & waxing, grout & tile cleaning, window cleaning and duct cleaning. AllPro practices multiple methods to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved. Call now for more information and a free estimate.

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We’re With You All The Way Through